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CodeCraft #2 is the second edition of the coding contest for the Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC range of computers, with emphasis on small sized programs, much like the Coder's Revenge 1Kb competition. Topix have taken over organisation of the second CodeCraft from baah/Arm's Tech who did an excellent job organising the first edition and who is still a very prominent co-organiser during his weekends' leave form France's national service.

The Results are now online!

Prizes page has been updated to show you the actual prize packages and what place/category gets what.


Download them from probably the most important page of the CodeCraft #2 site.

Categories, rules and dates

This is something every person who wants to enter the competition has to read.

Prizes and Sponsors

Read all about the offered prizes and our sponsors.

Submitting an entry

So, you've finally finished that 1,2 or 8K jewel and you want to enter it in the competition? Here's how we want to receive your masterpiece.


Find out how to vote for your favourite entries.

Technical support

Technical support for people who want to enter the competition as well as for people wanting to run entries.


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