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Competition Results

Now that the CodeCraft#2 voting period is over it's time to announce the winners of the three categories. First though, some statistics of the competition for all you stats freaks out there :)

  • 48 entries, of which 29 in the 1K, 12 in the 2K, 6 in the 8K and 1 out-of-competition entry.
  • 10 entries start their name with S
  • 15 contributors, some with 5+ entries
  • 9 entries by top contributor GUS
  • 21 people voted
  • 21 votes for the 1K category
  • 19 votes for the 2K category
  • 19 votes for the 8K category
  • 2.81 categories on average per voter
  • 354 points total voted (1st=3,2nd=2,3rd=1)

The standard of quality of the entries is very high and they're all well worth the download if you haven't already got them. You can then see for yourself the rich diversity in entries, each of them different and attractive in its own way. The fact that they're all gems in their own right was also demonstrated by the fact that not one vote was the same, showing how hard it was for people to choose a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each category.

"What's that you say, I should stop my jappin' and get on with it? Right, OK."

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we'd like to present to you the results of the CodeCraft#2 competition:

1K Game and demo 2K Tool 8K Game and demo

1K Game and demo






43 points






16 points




ArmOric/Arm's Tech


13 points

Followed by NZCVDemo (9); Beta-Balls (8); SIC (7); AF8/AF16 and CCountDown (5); footsteps, GreyStroke and trippin’1k (3); Australia and MrStikman (2); FlourPower, In Love With Maria, M, MARIA, MarsFace, Scrolly and WetPaint1K (1).

After only a couple of votes Springs1K had managed to grab hold of second place. Even though the threat of NZCVDemo and Beta-Balls was great it always managed to keep right ahead of them. These two were constantly battling it out for second and third place and it was only after 50% of the votes had come in that PolymHair started climbing up. After 75% of the votes were in though it had climbed up to third place, a place which it wouldn't give up. However, even from the very start, with 6 out of the first 7 votes putting it in 1st place, HappyRGB by Pervect lead the 1K category with a comfortable lead throughout the voting period.

2K Tool




Pervect/Topix and Tony Haines


35 points




CasmA and neBula


22 points




GUS/Arm's Tech


15 points

Followed by MouseLess (11); Direr, MakeMode and RottWeiler (6); RAMFScache (5); rex (4); SWIcache (3); SamePlace (1).

Very early on 4 entries distanced themselves from all others: CodePressor, ScreenGrab, NeVirus and MouseLess, with CodePressor and ScreenGrab further distancing themselves from NeVirus and MouseLess. The latter two fighting it out for 3rd and 4th place, with NeVirus slowly gaining an advantage over MouseLess after some 50% of the votes were in. It was also from that point on that ScreenGrab couldn't keep up with CodePressor by Pervect and Tony anymore which just seemed to increase its lead with almost every new vote coming in.

8K Game and demo




Tony Haines and baah/Arm's Tech


35 points






28 points




baah/Arm's Tech


25 points

Followed by technique (23); smire (3).

Nebenwelt, technique and Worship really had a hard time fighting each other all throughout the voting period. It really was a constant battle and their positions often switched with every new vote. If we had two more votes their positions would probably have been different from this final result again. The funny thing is that Flu by Tony and baah at first held 4th position, seemingly having a hard time with Nebenwelt, technique and Worship, but after some 30% of the votes had come in it suddenly climbed up to finally take first place and distancing itself from the rest with almost every new vote.


Here is the full list of CodeCraft#2 CodeCraftsMen:
Mark Adcock (casma): Beta-Balls, FlourPower, ScreenGrab, Springs1k, trippin’1k, WetPaint1k
James Andrews : AOLdemo, Rottweiler, Smire
Alain Brobecker (baah/Arm's Tech): Daleks, Flu, GreyStroke, NZCVDemo, rex, SIC, Sqrt2, Worship
Frederic Elisei (ArmOric/Arm's Tech): PolymHair, smMedic
Tony Haines : CodePressor, Flu
Bill Kotsias : DCC2X, M
Michael Kübel : AF8/AF16
Keith Kaughan : Australia, TGE
Eli-Jean Leyssens (Pervect/Topix): 1KLinux, CCountDown, CodePressor, HappyRGB, Mizzile
Gordon Munro (Gordon/VOTI): footsteps, Monster, MrStikman, Shooting
? ? (neBula): ScreenGrab, trippin’1k
Kostas Proitsakis (GUS/Arm's Tech): Direr, FontShadow, In Love With Maria, MARIA, Mouseless, NeVirus, RAMFScache, SamePlace, SWIcache
Dennis Ranke (exoticorn/icebird): MakeMode, MarsFace, Scrolly
David Schalig (mrHill/icebird): Nebenwelt
David Spence : Comp6a
Tom Thorne (tom/kulture): technique

Thank you all for taking part in CodeCraft#2, producing all those great entries and showing us all the power of small sized programming. Many a thanks as well for your understanding and support through the rough times we had with the rules, especially when we combined the 4K and 64K into the 8K category.

Big thanks as well to all non-contestants who downloaded the entries and voted for their favourites.

Last but certainly not least, a very big thank you to our three prize sponsors: Abacus Training, The RISC OS Charity Projects and VOTI and of course to all the media sponsors for spreading the word!

Thank you all...
... and see you in CodeCraft #3
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