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Prizes and sponsors

We consider two types of sponsors: prize sponsors and media sponsors. Prize sponsors offer prizes for the competitions winners. Media sponsors offer us attention in the media.

We've decided to combine some of the prizes to form "prize packages", resulting in 9 packages, intended for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each of the categories:

  • 1 time PipeDream 4.5 & China CD
  • 3 times SunBurst & China CD
  • 5 times China CD

Seeing as a winner might already have one of the prizes shown above, we will let the winners themselves decide, in a way, who gets what prize: in the following order winners can choose a prize package: 1st 8K, 1st 1K, 1st 2K, 2nd 8K, 2nd 1K, 2nd 2K, 3rd 8K, 3rd 1K, 3rd 2K.

Also, each of these winners will receive 256 grammes of assorted chocalate, donated by Topix. As with CC#1 these will be sent a bit later to reduce the chance of melting by the summer temperatures.

We will try to adhere to the above concept, but we view things like for example one person having more than one winning entry as special cases, which would result in adaptations of the above rule(s).

Note: like I, Pervect of Topix, have said before, I myself will not receive any prizes. If one or more of my entries make it into the top 3 of one or more categories then this just means we end up giving away fewer prizes, with the remaining prizes going to CodeCraft#3.

Here are the prize sponsors:

The RISC OS Charity Projects
Has kindly donated 10 copies of the China CDs
and 4 copies of This Week in History from Sherston

Is giving away 1 copy of
Colton Software PipeDream 4.5/22
Integrated Spreadsheet & Word Processor
With Tutorial

Is giving away 3 copies of

Here are the media sponsors:

Media: Serveral articles in their monthly club magazine Asterisk.

Media: Article in the PD Column of Archive 13.5 February on page 13.

Media: Article in the February 2000 issue of their bi-monthly magazine "GaG News".

Media: Link on their homepage!

Media: Link at News->Hotnet->RISC OS Scene, 6th February

We're always looking for new sponsors, so if you're interested in donating one or more prizes or media attention for the CodeCraft #2 competition then please contact the organisation at ccorganizers@egroups.com.

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