Some people have also received this by email, but it is intended for anybody
wanting to compete in CC#2:

First of all, let me thank all of you who voted. The total number of votes
isn't particularly high, but I think it represents over 50% of the known
CC#2 participants.

Now, here are the results of the vote for category removal / combination:

7 votes -> 1) combine the 4K and 64K categories into an 8K category (which
would allow
for a 32K external music file)

3 votes -> 2) get rid of the 2K category and allow for tools in both 1K and

0 votes -> 3) get rid of the 2K category AND turn the 4K into an 8K category
external music file)

2 votes -> 4) get rid of the 64K category

Which means we'll be combining the 4K and 64K categories into an 8K (+32K
music) category (game and demo).

While we're at it, all languages will be allowed for all categories, not
just the 1K. Do note though that your program must be able to run without
any non RISC OS Operating System software. So, programs which for instance
need a Pascal or Fortran module/library to run will not be allowed.

An exception of course is the module player for the 8K category.

Exact details should be up on the CC#2 site within the next couple of days.

I would also like to share some of my replies to some of your comments:

Comment: the 8K (and previously 64K) categories are turning CodeCraft from a
coding competition into a demo competition, especially with the music.

Reply: When you look at a demo it can be divided into three pieces:
- code
- graphics / design
- music

Now, most code entered into the CodeCraft competitions is code that
generates visual effects, i.e. graphics. Even on this point well coded
entries may loose out on badly coded entries just because the badly coded
one does have better graphics. Just look at SockZ (4K entry in CC#1) which
was pretty good, but only got high points from coders who understood that it
was a cool piece of code. (I'm not saying the visually pleasing ones were
badly coded in this case though.)
So, from a graphical point of view the CodeCraft competition already is very
much a small demo competition.

I really think that it's only because it's so much harder to create a music
and samples from code (and having to write sound channel fillers etc) that
we haven't seen more CC#1 entries with music. If this would have been easier
I'm sure we would have seen more entries with music and thus it had really
been (/formed into) a small demo competition.

It's only really the 1K category anyway which still manages to be partly
judged by code rather than looks. And in CC#2 the 2K category of course.

4K's already are small demo's anyway, so let's just have music as well :)

Comment: most coders have a problem getting good music with their entries.

Reply: I always seemed to think so as well, but that was when I really
didn't look any further than the Acorn scene. Here's what I believe will
work very well:

- code your intro, it doesn't have to be exactly finished but you should
have some effects going
- surf the web and find the homepages of some democrews
- look up the email addresses of a musician
- write him a nice mail explaining what you're doing and that you're looking
for a nice music to accompany the intro
- preferably you should put up some screenshots somewhere and tell him he
can have a look at them if he wants to get an idea of what you're doing, or
offer to send some screenshots

Alternatively go onto some demo scene channels on IRC and look for a
musician there. Remember, they're equally willing to show off their talents
as you are so if you give them the chance to make a music for a nice intro
then I'm almost certain you'll get some responses.

Last but not least, if you really can't find anybody you can always include
an existing module from the internet... This will be much harder of course
as it's not easy to find an existing tune that fits in with the intro and
you'll have to time the effects to the music instead of vice versa.

I do remember a couple of years back that it was indeed very hard to find
musicians if you weren't an active pc-demo or amiga-demo scene member, but
nowadays with the Internet and all it's so easy to get into contact with
them :)

I hope nobody's too dissapointed about the category-votes result and that
everybody will continue enjoying the competition (and send in many entries

Cheers and Thank you for your support and understanding,

        aka Pervect of Topix