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Most of the software on this page is freeware. It will only run on Acorn RISC OS computers. More software will be included A.S.A.P. (As Soon As Programmed). A short message that you are using our software is greatly appreciated.



Download AutoShrinkRMA
Version 0.07 (01-Jan-96)
Archive 1K
Memory 1K
AutoShrinkRMA will automatically try to shrink the size of the RMA to a minimum.

Download CodePressor
Version 1.02 (31-Aug-01)
Archive 118K
Memory ?
CodePressor compresses Absolute and Untyped files. It performs best on small programs and is really only suitable for 1K, 2K and 4K coding competitions.

Download Babylon
Version 1.00 (10-aug-95)
Archive 26K
Memory 32K
Multi language application installer.

Download Broom
Version 2.50 (30-Sep-94)
Archive 17K
Memory 64K
Fast disk wiper. In contrast to all other wipers, the defects on a disk are preserved.

Download Chip-8
Version (26-Jan-98)
Archive 7K
Memory ?
Chip-8 emulator. The Chip-8 system is a simple interpreter for a 4k virtual machine around in the 70's and 80's on 1802 processor based machines and in the 90's on the HP-48c. It supports a 64x32 pixel mono display (128x64 on the Super-Chip8) and a single sound channel with one frequency. Software for the emulator can be downloaded from Paul Robson's Chip-8 emulator page.

Download Chngrmdsc
Version 0.01 (01-Oct-93)
Archive 3K
Memory 2K
Allows you to enlarge or shrink the ramdisc even when it contains files.

Download ClickIt
Version 1.01 (18-Feb-94)
Archive 5K
Memory 32K
Mouse-clicks simulator.

Download DOSLib
Version 1.10 (21-Apr-97)
Archive 11K
Memory 5K
RISC OS port of conio.h DOS C library.

Download DOSMab
Version 0.20 (31-Jul-95)
Archive 2K
Memory 1K
*DOSMab specifies an MSDOS extension to RISC OS filetype mapping. *DOSMab will work for all filingsystems and all filetypes, in contrast to *DOSMap which will only work on DOS filingsystems and DOS-typed files. Note: DOSMab does not work on StrongARM systems.

Download Dos2DTP
Version 1.01 (07-Apr-94)
Archive 7K
Memory 64K
Convert (DOS) text files to DTP files.

Download FasterOn
Version 0.01 (24-Jun-93)
Archive 2K
Memory 1K
Automatically turns on Faster in every Filer_Action-options-menu.

Download GetWords
Version (1993)
Archive 3K
Memory 16K
Extracts words of a specified length from ImpressionSpell modules.

Download IDEFree
Version (1994)
Archive 3K
Memory ?
Multitasking free display for older IDE interfaces.

Download Library
Version 1.00 (07-Apr-94)
Archive 7K
Memory ?
Utilities to put into your library:
As *Eval with binary output
Idem with hexadecimal output
*Modules with wildcards
Gives back your original mouse pointer when hourglass won't stop
Neat *Show
Deletes all files (except protected ones) in 'o' directories, starting from the given directory. Purpose: easy removal of C garbage.
Protects the first 32K of the memory map against illegal access.
Deletes modules by number
Removes the Wait from the routine called when changing the shape of the mouse pointer (useful with programs which show the hourglass a lot). This is a module.
Try <libaryfile> -h for more info.

Download MouseSpd
Version (1993)
Archive 3K
Memory 1K
Allows a mouse speed of non-integer numbers, e.g. 2.5.

Download NoBanner
Version 0.01 (05-Nov-99)
Archive 1K
Memory 96 bytes
NoBanner claims the DesktopWelcome service call and thusly prevents any desktop banner from being shown. This is especially useful for RISC OS 4 users as the banner disappears only seconds after the desktop has become ready. During that time the banner just blocks your view.

Download Project
Version 1.01 (11-Oct-95)
Archive 20K
Memory 16K
Small and easy to use project manager.

Download Proto
Version 1.00 (27-Jan-97)
Archive 68K
Memory 96K
When programming in C it is often necessary to create header files containing amongst others, function prototypes. Automating the creation of these files is desirable as creating them manually is a cumbersome and boring task. The Zap extension module 'ZapMJE' by Martin Ebourne provides a command, MJE_GENERATEHEADER, to do this. Unfortunately it isn't perfect, as:
  • static functions are also included in the header file
  • you can't automatically create new header files
  • it can handle one file at a time only, so updating lots of header files is not an easy job
  • ZapMJE does not work with StrongEd or (shock, horror...) Edit
Proto addresses these problems and adds some extra features.

The application also contains a DOS commandline version which can be integrated in Borland C++, Visual C++, etc.

Download RAMplify Demo
Version 1.00d (14-Dec-97)
Archive 32K
Memory 32K
Do you ever find yourself running short of memory? Have you ever found yourself switching between two programs by quitting one and starting the other? If the answer is yes, then RAMplify is the program for you! With RAMplify, programs can be frozen to disc, freeing precious memory for use in other jobs.

This essential time-saving product means that you will no longer have to restart applications and reload documents or images from disc - the actions which waste the longest amount of time. Instead, with RAMplify you could have swapped between programs and be working again within a split-second!

You can download a demo version here. RAMplify is a commercial application and is distributed by Werewolf Software.

Download RAM2Disc
Version 1.05 (08-Apr-94)
Archive 15K
Memory 100K
Very fast copy utility. Copies an entire floppy disc (except free space) to or from RAMdisc.

Download RMA Manager
RMA Manager
Version 0.01 (19-Sep-93)
Archive 2K
Memory 2K
This module tries to keep the fragmentation of the RAM to a minimum. However, with certain programs it can lead to problems when they access the RMA after they released it. E.g. Impression is known to do this. Especially on low memory systems, RMA Manager can be very useful.

Download SlowDown
Version 1.01 (07-Apr-94)
Archive 4K
Memory 2K
Slows down the computer.

Download Squasher
Version 0.07 (25-Aug-00)
Archive 9K
Memory ?
This program will take either a BASIC or Application program and use the Squash module which is a default RO3+ module to compress it. The compressed program, together with some decompression code is then written to an executable file.

The compression factor of the routines in the Squash module aren't really too good. However, on small files it performs reasonably well. This, together with the fact that the code needed to decompress is fairly small makes Squasher the ideal tool for creating self-extracting versions of 1K and 4K coding competition entries. As a matter of fact, this 'util' was written during and for the excellent CodeCraft competition.

Download TabX
Version 1.10 (29-Apr-97)
Archive 17K
Memory 64K
Convert tabs to spaces.

Download TakeOff
Version 1.01 (07-Apr-94)
Archive 8K
Memory 3K
Application launcher.

Download TBase v1.00
Version 1.00 (21-Mar-2000)
Archive 506K
Memory N/A
TBaseLib is a C library containing database functionality. It enables programmers to quickly add data storage and retrieval features to their programs. It aims at being fast and easy to use. See the TBase pages for more information.

Games & Demos

Download 1K Topix
1K Topix
Version (1996)
Archive 1K
Memory ?
1K intro (1st price intro competition Yelling Jam '96).

Download ColsAGoGo
Version (1997)
Archive 64K
Memory > 2MB
64K intro (3rd place intro competition SILIconvention '97).

Download CTetris
Version 0.12 (08-Sep-93)
Archive 12K
Memory 128K
Desktop game originally written by Petrov Software. Enhanced with better gameplay and scoring.

Download FracZoom
Version (1992)
Archive 16K
Memory 600K
Realtime fractal zoomer (even on ARM 2!).

Download PhilSong
Version 6.66 (19-Apr-93)
Archive 427K
Memory 780K
Monty Python's Philosophers Song demo.

Download SR2000rf
Version 1.00 (19-Jan-94)
Archive 8K
Memory 64K
"Stunt Racer 2000" restore-file editor.

Download Tetris
Version (1990)
Archive 115K
Memory 640K
Topix' very first program on the Archimedes - a collectors item!

Under development

Version 1.00
Archive ?
Memory little
Very easy to use C WIMP library - available in The Beta Area

Version 0.00
Archive ?
Memory ?
Programmable database system - watch the The Beta Area!

Last update: 31 August 2001