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Before you read any of the following we should warn you that not a word of it is true.

Topix is in fact an organisation originally set up in 1955 as a highly secret group to organise underground resistance against a communist government should this ever come to power in Western Europe. With the chances of this ever happening sharply declining over the last couple of years it developed a severe crisis of identity, necessitating intensive psychiatric treatment for the leading figures within Topix. As a means of providing them with a new reason to live, their therapists decided to brainwash them into releasing Public Domain software for an obscure computer known only by insiders as "Archimedes". Although the brainwash was incomplete (still the members of Topix are only known by their code names Pervect, LogiX and Cardinal Biggles), they proved to be able to reach an extremely high level of excellence at the task that was set for them.

So, if you're in some sort of computer trouble, and no-one else can help, maybe you can hire..... TOPIX!

Last update: 7 April 1999