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TBase is a brand new freeware database system. Just released has been database engine (TBaseLib), which is available separately as a C library. Some applications have been written demonstrating the functionality of the database library. The library is already in use by one third-party application: AcornICQ now is the proud owner of this great database engine ;-)


Main goals of the database are:
  • to be fast
  • usable on small memory systems
  • even faster on machines with lots of RAM
  • to run on both RISC OS and Windows
  • easy to use


Implemented features of the database are:
  • no hardcoded limits, i.e. unlimited fields, records, etc.
  • fixed and variable sized fields
  • empty fields do not waste space (ok, they do occupy the massive amount of 1 bit ;-)
  • queries are created using simple string expressions


The first public version has been released.

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Last update: 31 March 2000