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Ceylon is a C library for creating RISC OS applications. It's build on top of OSLib, but for normal use you won't notice. The only thing you have to do is link using both OSLib and Ceylon. However, this construction gives access to all functions OSLib provides, so you can always build your own routines if Ceylon doesn't provide a particular one.

Below you will find a tutorial especially suited for people who never have written a WIMP application (in C). Ofcourse you are welcome to read it as an introduction to Ceylon. Below that are a number of example programs to demonstrate the use of Ceylon. Fully documented sources are provided with the examples.

The library itself is not publicly available yet, as the software is still subject to change. Mail me if you want to receive a copy, so I can keep you informed of new releases.


Tutorial examples

Application examples

Function examples


Comments about these pages and about the library are greatly appreciated. More examples are being planned.

Last update: 21 Mar 1998