Supporting HD24tools

If you wish to support HD24tools development, you can do so by making a donation on the download page. There are other ways of contributing to HD24tools: see the last paragraph on the about page.

Requesting HD24tools support

If you need help installing or running HD24tools, and your question is not answered by the extensive documentation, it is recommended to ask your question on Yahoo Groups first. A lot of expertise is represented there, and the group is monitored both by the author of HD24tools and Alesis.

Bug reports

The software comes with absolutely no warranty. However, the author aims to release defect-free software. Should you find any defects/bugs, please email the author at with your bug report. Make sure to mention on which platform you run HD24tools. Often it is also useful to include a header file of the drive with which you experienced a problem (menu option File->Recovery->Create header file). This will hlelp me to reproduce the bug, which makes it a lot simpler to analyze the problem. Make sure to write 'HD24 bug' in the subject line.

Data recovery

HD24tools contains some tools that will allow you to perform your own recoveries without requiring deep technical knowledge. The most common cause of data loss on the HD24 is a power failure while recording a live performance; Click here for instructions on how to recover such data.

If you need help recovering audio from an HD24 drive, you can email the author at Make sure to include 'HD24 recovery' in the subject line. Even if your audio does not reside on an HD24 drive, or if it wasn't recorded on an HD24, feel free to contact the author in this manner.

Other support pages

There are a small number of additional support pages available on this site: