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My picture Hi, I'm Ferdinand Veldmans. My brains started to work about 24 years ago when I saw this pentium-killer, called "sun", for the first time. In September 1996 I graduated at the Polytechnic in Enschede. Now I'm working as a software engineer at Philips TASS.

Brain properties

In the last few years my gray cells managed to collect information about the following languages:
  • Dutch (wasn't that hard, thanks mum! :-)
  • English (quite enjoyable after chatting to these friendly Acorn people)
  • BBC BASIC (where it all began)
  • Pascal (yuk!)
  • 6502 assembly (nice at the time)
  • ARM assembly (clean and simple)
  • C (my favourite!)
  • Clipper (powerful, but not very safe)
  • C++ (looks promising)
  • DSP56002 assembly
  • Visual BASIC (makes me sick)
and I even touched (and promptly forgot) these:
  • French
  • German (well, I don't have much problems understanding this)
  • Latin
  • Greek (the stories were nice though...)
  • 68000 assembly
  • LISP
  • VHDL
  • And more...

Miscellaneous properties

When I don't program, study or have fun with my friends, I like to:
  • play table-tennis
  • read books (500 pages onwards)
  • listen to music (ambient, trance, techno, hardcore)

Last update: 21 Mar 1998