Useful links to ESCs: theory and design

On this page you will find links to Electronic Speed Controllers, which I have collected for myself primarily. Of course they may be useful to you too, which is an added bonus.
What I call 'useful' is determined by what I want to do with them (build into model airplanes), which translates to a couple of observations: If you're looking for the same kind of stuff, then read on!


You can learn the most of what you build by understanding how the stuff works. So the links below may be useful to understand how an ESC operates.

Generic Schematics

Here are a bunch of links to designs, i.e. schematics. In square brackets I have noted the way the motor is controlled: via remote control (R/C), or a potentiometer (poti).

R/C Electric Speed Controller Schematics

Links to sites with R/C Electronics projects

Collected by G. Hiddink aka Grit