Some people have also received this by email, but it is intended for anybody
wanting to compete in CC#2:

Subject: CC2: Speak up NOW or forever hold your peace!

In short: we have to cancel one of the categories. You can choose from one
of the options below. Votes have to be in no later than Saturday January 15!

Votes to:


Let me start by saying that I do regret to have to resort to such drastic
measures, but we need to make a decision soon and we want it to satisfy the
needs of as many of you as possible. So here goes:

CC2 currently has 4 (four) categories which indeed is too much. We therefor
have to get rid of one of the categories. Without any doubt we can safely
say that we must at least KEEP the 1K category as it's immensily popular and
already has some entries. That leaves us with cancelling either 2K, 4K and
64K or maybe combining some.

We now want you to pick one of the following options:

1) combine the 4K and 64K categories into an 8K category (which would allow
for a 32K external music file)

2) get rid of the 2K category and allow for tools in both 1K and 4K

3) get rid of the 2K category AND turn the 4K into an 8K category (without
external music file)

4) get rid of the 64K category

Some points to consider:
- we've only received 1 2K tool yet and I don't know of anybody else working
on one
- many people seem to be short on time so it's questionable whether we'll
actuall see 64K's
- a really decent 64K is extremely cool though
- I've already received some 4K beta's so there does seem to be enough
interest in that
- 4K's often look very good but often lack audio

etc etc, I think you can work it out for yourself.

We must receive votes no later than Saturday January 15 (2000) and we'll
send out the results on Sunday. (We need to know the final categories before
sending of articles to magazines.)

It is unfortunate that we have to resort to silly voting to settle this, but
we've had some talk about it on the codecraft mailinglist with very few
replies which gave us the impression that what we had in mind (option 1) was
OK with most people, but now that I've actually mailed with some of you
about the fact that we were going to announce the change almost all
reactions were negative.

While we're at it: due to the fact that articles on CC#2 will appear in some
magazines no earlier than February we will have to move the deadline once
again to give readers of the magazine a chance to take part in the
competitions as well. Depending on the actual date the articles appear the
new AND FINAL deadline will be either 30 Apil or 31 May.

Kind Regards, and I hope everybody will respond this time :)

	aka Pervect of Topix
	co-organiser of CodeCraft #2